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Join Us at CARY

We offer programs, resources, support, and networking events to help students, newcomers, and new graduates in our community thrive.


Programs Offered


Tutoring & Mentoring

CARY’s free tutoring support program is available to children and youth members from Grades 1-12. Whether members are struggling or simply trying to get a head in any core subject, our trained tutors are here to help! Our mentoring support program focuses on supporting student achievement by helping youth become self-reliant and build self-confidence. Successful youth have more impactful relationships and are willing to take on challenges that make them more resilient.


To get started, complete the online student form below.

To join our team of tutors, complete the online tutor form here.


Young Professional's Network

CARY’s YPN is a forum where Rwandan youth can meet-and-mingle to share their goals and professional interests while gaining valuable employment information. The YPN events include workshops and seminars that provide youth with the necessary tools to build valuable social connections.


Newcomer Information Sessions

CARY’s Newcomer info session provides a safe space where newcomer youth can begin learning and adapting to life in Canada. During these sessions, youth are provided with information on the education system, access to vital services, and building civic engagement in their communities.


Health & Wellness Events

The health and wellness of our Rwandan youth is an important part of our development as a community. That is why we provide resources and workshops on the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, dealing with stress and anxiety, and staying connected by participating in social activities.

Support Our Programming

There are more ways to get involved! We are always looking for volunteers and donors to support our programs. Your contributions are appreciated!


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Register as a CARY volunteer.

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